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Cooking up the cash for Connect!

Cooking up the cash for Connect!

This week, staff at London Bridge Hospital released their inner Mary Berry as they took over the staff restaurant for our latest fundraising activity, the London Bridge Hospital Bake Off, raising over £270 in the process for our charity of the year, Connect.

June 26, 2014

Men’s Health Week: Bodybuilding, and the gains that go beyond building muscle

As National Men’s Health Week continues, we are focusing on a fitness regime that offers a high physical impact: bodybuilding. Beyond building the biggest muscles in town, weightlifting can have numerous benefits that can extend into old age, when practised safely and moderately. The physical change to your body is just one aspect; when practised safely, a bodybuilding regime can have psychological advantages too.

We speak to Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Professor Tony Kochhar, and Uzo Ehiogu, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist as they discuss the many benefits of weight training…

June 11, 2014

Men’s Health Week kicks off today. The annual initiative aims to increase everyone’s awareness of health problems in men and boys, and to encourage early detection and treatment.

For the past few years, patients, staff and visitors to London Bridge Hospital have witnessed the creation of one of London (and the world’s) most iconic landmarks, The Shard. And now, we can finally announce that HCA will be launching a brand new outpatient centre just inside!

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